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Technology is ruling almost every industry in today’s world. Whether it is education, gaming, engineering, architecture, entertainment or manufacturing, you’ll find it propelling certain functions for each of these. Foreseeing its value for online businesses in the coming future, we’re here with several tech services that can connect your brand with customers on a deeper level. Each of these can be used individually or in combination, depending upon what your customers want. Furthermore, we perform a thorough analysis to identify these needs and pick out the ones that fit the bill. 

  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality is a technology that uses computer-generated graphics and requires special kinds of devices to be seen. It is a simulated experience that may or may not replicate real-world scenarios. VR is often used in sectors like entertainment, business and education.
  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality brings forth an interactive life-like experience that stimulates the human senses. It enhances the user experience by allowing your customers to view things that aren’t really there. Its application includes training programs, modelling and designing, classroom learning, business and retail.
  • Realtime Training Simulation

    Realtime Training Simulation uses VR to create simulations for training modules. It provides a safe environment for trainees to get accustomed to making quick decisions in times of need. This program can be used to impart training in manufacturing and safety units, crisis management, and even public speaking.
  • 3D Solution

    Want to sculpt digital 3D models for commercials, educational, defence, engineering, and architectural purposes? Enhance the look and feel of each project with the help of 3D Solutions. This technology uses both AR and VR to make visuals come alive.
  • Motion Graphics

    Motion Graphics is an intrinsic part of modern storytelling. It conveys complex messages across in a creative way and ensures that the viewers understand it thoroughly. If you want your products and services to stand out and speak loudly, you can rely on motion graphics and build explainer videos, social media content, ad campaigns, and animations for applications.
  • Unity Lighting and Rendering

    Unity is a cross-platform game engine that allows access to several lighting and illumination effects to create cinema-quality renders. It can be used in combination with AR and VR solutions to upgrade the product experience, and build interactive virtual experiences for industries like gaming, architecture, automotive and engineering.
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