Creating Simple and User-friendly Websites

Want more customers to trust your brand? Go online and build a website for your business.’

No doubt, every business owner has heard these statements numerous times throughout their journey. However, building a website is more than deciding the placement of designs and the copy. As a custom portfolio, your website must compel and convert your site visitors into customers. If you don’t get enough leads through your website, it clearly isn’t doing its job.

To break the chain, Oh!MyWeb helps create lovely websites for your brand. We’re the best agency for website development in Australia and can quickly allot the required resources to build a custom website for you.

What is Website Development?

True, website development is the art of creating websites. However, today, it requires much more than the knowledge of programming languages. Modern-day web developers must have technical knowledge, attention to detail, creative thinking, and intuitive abilities that allow clear ideation of the brand website.
Simply speaking, website development is all about the convenience of accessing your website and how it appears to your customers. Though the latter is influenced more by Web Design.

Making Websites Simple Yet Extravagant

For a website to attract customers, you need catchy design, impressive themes, digestible content and a blend of several other important elements. When combined, they can do wonders for your brand visibility and success online.

This is backed by recent data which states that 89% of the customers stick around if your website has concise information and easy navigation.

Let’s take a look at how each element’s presence affects the traffic on your website.


The ease of navigation is a critical element that drives repeat visits for every website. If your users find it confusing to move around on your site, it may encourage them to hop over to your competitor’s site. Having a set navigation process ensures that you don’t lose your customers anyhow. Having clear CTAs throughout your website is one such way to help your users navigate around easily and quickly.

Search Engine Friendliness

To be visible to your potential customers, a site must be web-friendly. Websites that have great SEO support often show up top in search results. Once it gets placed on the first page of Google search results, nothing can stop it from garnering impressions and driving conversions.

Website Design

Visuals play an equally important role in hooking the attention of your users. Using catchy colors, typography, imagery and content that is in line with your brand’s personality is the key.

Responsive Design

With 60% of the global population online, web developers need to ensure that the website responds and adjusts as per the device used. It can be done by making the navigation process convenient for site visitors, using thumb-friendly CTAs or fixing the menu in a navigation drawer.

Choose Oh!MyWeb

The Best Agency for Web Strategy in Gold Coast

As a creative agency, Oh!MyWeb provides you with an excellent website that includes each of the above-mentioned elements. We have an enthusiastic bunch of specialists who brainstorm ideas with a cup of coffee in their hands. This allows enough room for weighing the ideas and deciding upon one that suits your brand personality. Guess, that’s why our clients say that we’re the best website developers in Australia and around it. Rest assured that you’ll get the best design, content, SEO, UI, UX and technical support required.

Build custom designs

Backed by the latest technology

Fully responsive website

Best post-launch support

Enhance your brand’s personality

We are a budding agency in Gold Cost for web development and offer affordable plans that don’t empty your wallets. Once your website is ready to roll, you’ll get to enjoy a high return on investment (ROI), lowered marketing expenses, increased traffic and reliable positioning in your industry.

All set to find the best website developers in Gold Coast?

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