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Social Media is a whole different dimension that can help businesses attract customers if used rightly. With about 45% of the total global population accessing social media, businesses must understand and leverage the opportunity.
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What is Social Media Marketing and Why is it Important?

Social media is a cupcake for millennials and the generation ahead. That being said, most brands are leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Linkedin to tap their potential customers. On a deeper level, they strategically use these platforms to set a brand image, collaborate with influencers, and manage marketing campaigns using Linkedin ads, Facebook ads and Instagram Sponsored posts.
What makes it even important for businesses is the wide reach of these platforms. With the help of designers and copywriters, the brands create engaging posts, memes, reels and guides that garner engagement in the form of comments, reviews, likes and shares. This user-generated content further boosts the brand’s presence online. However, brands must keep in mind these five pillars that propel a good social media marketing plan:


Strategizing is the preliminary step in both offline and online marketing. When used for social media it involves setting goals, determining which social media channel must be used and deciding the kind of shareable content that mirrors your brand’s personality.


This step focuses on the content in detail. Every social media platform performs differently and requires content to be customized accordingly. Here, you decide what kind of content works best for which platform. This stage also determines when the content will be posted on the channel.


While this happens organically, at times, brands use paid tools to engage with followers. This saves time and offers a personalised touch to the responses.


Data is of prime importance when framing the best strategies for the growth of your brand. Social Analytics helps brands understand how their current posts are performing and gives them enough space to remould the social strategy.


Advertisements and sponsored posts provide brands with an edge over their competitors. By using these, you can slide into the feeds of those social media users who are connected with your followers or follow a similar brand like yours.

Onboarding a social media agency or a creative agency can be a great investment for this purpose. The agencies are equipped with the required tools and knowledge to oversee your brand’s social media presence.

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